The DFSMF is a restricted fund of the Inspira Health Network Foundation Cumberland/Salem. Earnings from the DFSMF continue to provide critical equipment and services for pediatrics, neo-natal and newborn care at Inspira Health Network. The Deborah F. Sager Memorial Fund has grown to almost $500,000 and has made a number of vital contributions to help ensure quality health care for children.

Debbie was just 12 years old when her life was taken by a careless driver. At the time of her passing, Debbie was an integral part of the efforts to produce a profitable “A” rated national horse show for the benefit of the then Newcomb Hospital in Vineland, New Jersey. Debbie passed just three days before the start of the first show and the net proceeds from the 1978 through 1982 shows were used to establish and fund the Deborah F. Sager Memorial Fund.

Thirty–six years later the DFSMF is still growing through donations and cumulative earnings. Today, the DFSMF is a restricted fund under the aegis of the Inspira Health Foundation Cumberland/Salem. The earnings from the fund are restricted to help meet the needs of neo-natal and pediatric care of the Inspira Health Network in Cumberland and Salem counties of New Jersey.